Police and military bomb experts detonated a live anti-tank bomb Monday after it was discovered at a recycling yard where it was about to go through a portable shearer.

The 750-pound Rocky Cluster bomb was discovered inside a steel case Monday by two workers at Metro Steel Recyclers Inc., 401 W. 900 South. The case was one of several cases the company had purchased from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas as part of a recycling operation, said Salt Lake police Lt. Jim Bell.The anti-tank bomb contained 200 smaller bombs, each one capable of penetrating 11 inches of metal.

"We were just going to cut the box up and someone said, `Gee, I wonder what's in the box.' He looked and there was a bomb inside." said Jim Bond, vice president of Metro Steel, who immediately called the police.

Had the bomb gone through the machine that cuts the boxes up, the employees would likely have been killed, Bell said. "It's a good thing some of their employees got to snooping through the box."

A military emergency ordnance team removed the bomb without incident, and it later was detonated in a remote area west of Salt Lake City. Salt Lake police and military officials are continuing to investigate the incident.