An unusual crew left San Francisco Monday to climb the north shoulder of Mount Everest through China and Tibet, a route so far conquered only by the Chinese and Spanish. The group, dubbed "Cowboys on Everest," contains five women, including two who will attempt the final leg. If Sue Cobb, 50, and Julie Cheney, 30, are successful, they will become the first American women to climb the 29,028-foot peak. The climb was the idea of Bob Skinner, 58, and his brother Courtney, 52, who operate a wilderness training school in Pinedale, Wyo. Their friend George McCowen of Menlo Park, Calif., raised nearly $1 million for the climb, which has become an official part of Wyoming's centennial celebration. Bob Skinner said the 34-member team includes mountaineers, students, artists, doctors and geologists. The team will draw, photograph, teach and write about the Himalayas when they return, Skinner said.