A day after offering his resignation, the chairman of the governing Socialists was re-elected Tuesday by delegates to a party congress whose majority appears reluctant to forge ahead with quick reform.

Alexander Lilov, who was opposed by reformers in the party, was re-elected during an all-night session of the long-ruling party that shed its Communist appellation last spring then won multiparty elections.He gained 833 of the more than 1300 votes, officials said.

Lilov announced Monday that he was stepping down to make way for a new, more "pragmatic" leader.

But the announcement apparently was a tactical maneuver to elicit support, and his re-election appeared a victory for conservative forces.

Lilov, 57, became party leader in February, four months after hard-line leader Todor Zhivkov was ousted. Since then, however, Bulgaria has made fewer changes in its communist system than some of its Eastern European neighbors.