Classes at Utah State University begin in less than a week - on Sept. 26 - and many students are concerned about housing and registration.

Housing has been unusually tough to find, and classes are filling up fast."We're anticipating strong growth," said Lynn Poulsen, assistant vice president for student services. "We're already ahead about 500 students over last year. We'll probably end up with 800-900 students more than we had last year." Poulsen wants students to be assured the university is scrambling to make classes available.

"We're in the process of opening new sections in English and math, and individual departments are looking at upping enrollment in classes that are currently full," he said. Information on new sections and class openings will be made available to students within a day or two, Poulsen said. Students should check with registration in Room 246 of the Taggart Student Center.

The housing situation has eased somewhat, according to Gary Smith, director of housing and residential life.

"People in the community have responded to the full on-campus housing situation with offers of a spare bedroom and private bath students can rent temporarily," Smith said.

"Of the students who have been in contact with us, most have already found housing," he added.

Smith said students still needing housing should call the housing hot line numbers for updated information from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Single students should call 750-3118, families 750-3114.

On-line registration and dropping and adding are continuing through Oct. 16, registrar Chuck Olson said.

"Classes are filling quickly. Students should realize their chance of picking up the most desirable sections diminish with each passing day," he said.

Olson said students' best method of determining which sections are open is to consult the wall-mounted computer terminals outside Room 246 in the Taggart Student Center.

"The terminals indicate spaces available in each section of every course by index number," he said.

Olson reminds students that fees must be paid daily at this point in the registration process.

Fee payment is through the cashier's office in Main 10 (basement), 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

Another reason to register promptly is that a late fee will be assessed beginning the first day of classes, Olson said.