It was a bittersweet moment for "Honeymooners" fans. After all, what would Ralph Kramden say if he found his wife and best friend together in a love scene?

Did someone say, "To the moon, Alice?"Jackie Gleason wasn't alive to see it, of course, but Art Carney and Audrey Meadows - who played Ed Norton and Alice Kramden in the 1950s sitcom - did make moon eyes at each other in Monday night's episode of "Uncle Buck."

The 71-year-old Carney was a guest star on the CBS series, playing an old friend and mentor of Uncle Buck, Kevin Meaney, whom Buck calls, admiringly, a "scheming, low-life hustler."

Carney's character has a romantic interest in the character played by Meadows, a regular on "Uncle Buck."

"I play an Irish con man that knew Uncle Buck when he was a little kid," Carney told The Washington Post. "I make a play for Audrey and things work out very nicely.

"In one shot in the script, Audrey has a line to me. She says, `You know, you look so familiar. Have I seen you somewhere?' It wasn't meant to be a play on our relationship or anything, but the studio audience started to laugh. So we had to wait a few seconds and continue with the script."