The League of Utah Writers has announced the winners of its 1990 writing competition. They include:

Published Article: Marti Wiser (first); Carolyn Campbell (second); Carol B. Quist (third).Unpublished Article: Sara Kuester and Lori Nawn (first); Elizabeth Perkins (second); June F. Krambule (third).

Unpublished Essay: Belle de Jon VanWagenen (first); D. Louise Brown (second); Lisa Davis Jensen (third).

Book: Edmund Hansen (first); Anita Stansfield (second); Lyn Austin (third).

Children's Book: Karla Gaines (first); Linda Taylor (second); Theda Bassett (third).

Songwriting: Bethany Chaffin (first, second and third).

Children's story: Marva Jean Pedersen (first); Vera Bakker (second); Patricia Ramsey-Jones (third).

Short Story: Helen Mar Cook (first); Lynette Baum (second); Judith Behunin (third).

Burkley White/LeRoy Burke Magher Short Story: Beth S. Moore (first); Alice Morrey Bailey (second); Afton Pettegrew (third).

Published Featurette: D. Louise Brown (first); Patricia Ramsey-Jones (second); Carole Western (third).

Unpublished Featurette: Carolyn Steele (first); Judy Johns (second); Marilyn Di-mond (third).

Inspirational/Personal Experience: Carolyn Campbell (first); Marilyn Dimond (second); Rock Thompson (third).

Newcomer's Article: Barbara Lovejoy (first); Marilyn O. Chapman (second); Bill Glas-mann III (third).

Newcomer's Story: Connie Huggins (first); Melody Rogers (second); Michael Marsh (third).

Youth Prose: Dennis Gaunt (first); Greg Kinzer (second); Troy Madsen (third).

Speculative Fiction: Mark Sparkman (first); Carol B. Quist (second); Jerry Farr (third).