The drug rehabilitation comedy "Postcards From the Edge" delivered first-place box office sales, mailing home $7.9 million in its premiere weekend. "Ghost" materialized in second.

"Postcards," based on the loosely autobiographical novel by actress Carrie Fisher and starring Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep, had a robust per-screen average of $7,771, according to figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.It opened Sept. 12 in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, and made about $100,000 before the subsequent weekend's tabulation began with its nationwide release.

"Ghost," the summer's top moneymaker, continued to scare up patrons, adding another $5.9 million. It has earned $141.4 million in 10 weeks.

Third was "Death Warrant," starring kickboxer Jean-Claude Van Damme, registering $5 million in its debut weekend. "Presumed Innocent" was fourth with sales of $2.7 million. "Flatliners" was fifth with $2.6 million.

The techno-thriller "Hardware," once rated X by the Motion Picture Association of America, opened in sixth with $2.3 million. Seventh was "Darkman," with $2.1 million.

Emilio Estevez's garbage man drama "Men at Work" collected $1.4 million. The Western sequel "Young Guns II" was ninth with $1.2 million and "Problem Child" was 10th with $1.1 million.

In limited release, the gangster film "State of Grace" made $179,927 on 14 screens, and Clint Eastwood's "White Hunter, Black Heart" grossed $165,450 in 24 theaters.

Here are the top movie ticket sales as tallied by Exhibitor Relations:

1. "POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE," $8 million (first week).

2. "Ghost," $5.9 million ($141.4 million, 10 weeks).

3. "Death Warrant," $5 million (first week).

4. "Presumed Innocent," $2.7 million ($75.7 million, eight weeks).

5. "Flatliners," $2.6 million ($48.1 million, six weeks).

6. "Hardware," $2.3 million (first week).

7. "Darkman," $2.1 million ($28.2 million, four weeks).

8. "Men at Work," $1.4 million ($11.9 million, four weeks).

9. "Young Guns II," $1.2 million ($37.9 million, seven weeks).

10. "Problem Child," $1.1 million ($45.9 million, eight weeks).