Vital Statistics

Where born: Salt Lake City.

Family: Three great children and a supportive husband.

Education: University of Colorado, association management graduate; University of utah and Stevens-Henager College of Business.

Primary markets: All large and small business.

Number of employees: Five employees and 15-member board of directors.

Annual sales: N/A.

Personality Profile

First "real" job: Making hambugers, tacos, shakes,etc., at a drive-in fast food restaurant at age 16.

Management style: Team effort; building self-esteem in helping children, volunteers and employees find success.

Strategy for sucess: Honest, upfront approach. Be organized. Great amount of commitment. Work hard. Building friendships.

A memorable failure: I was responsible for an annual awards banquet. When the time came to present awards, I realized I hadn't picked up the recognition plaques from the engravers.

Heroes: Mom and dad; Grandma Folland and Hyrum Smith.

Leisure time and hobbies: Horseback riding, reading, eating out and traveling.

Favorite book and movie: Movie: My Fair Lady; Books: Thornbirds and Gaining Control.