Looking for a home that's both cozy and spacious? The Billings may be just the ticket.

A gambrel, or barn-shaped roofline, and redwood siding give this three-story home the look of a cabin you would expect to find dwarfed by tall conifers at the end of a snowy mountain trail. Building the Billings as a year-round home just might allow its owners the fantasy of being on full-time vacation.On the main level, open beams stretching up the side walls and to the peak of the high vaulted ceiling of the living room bring the cabin flavor inside. Most shared activities will take place in the great room on this level.

Due to the inward sloping interior walls created by the exterior roofline, the kitchen counter along the outside wall is exceptionally deep. Sliding glass doors in the dining roomopen onto a wide deck.

A luxurious master suite fills the entire upper level, while two additional bedrooms, a bathroom and a large family room occupy the basement space below. Wide hearths at the far end of both the family room and living room offer warmth, color and an open invitation to spend leisurely hours watching the flames.

Each comes complete with a wood box easily large enough to hold a week's supply of wood.

Exposed beams also grace the walls and ceilings of the master suite. The sleeping room is separated from the high ceiling of the living room by nothing more than a wide balcony railing that stretches along the widest edge of the sleeping area.

While waiting for sleep to come, this allows the luxury of watching the flickering shadows from the fireplace below as they play across the bedroom ceiling.

For a study plan of the BILLINGS (400-33), send $5 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, OR 97402. Be sure to specify plan name and number when ordering.