Masked Palestinians ambushed and killed a suspected Arab informer Saturday as he walked down a street named after his family, Arab reporters and police said.

A local hit squad, the Black Panthers, claimed responsibility and scribbled slogans on walls saying Hassan Suleiman Zourob, 45, was killed "for his collaboration with the enemy."The man was on Zourub Street in the occupied Gaza Strip town of Rafah when he was gunned down with six shots to the head, Arab reporters said.

Yigal Golan, spokesman of Israel's southern police district, confirmed the slaying but said Zourub was not an informer.

Golan said Zourub belonged to a prominent family that "owns the whole eastern part of the town."

Zourob's death brought to 263 the number of Palestinians killed by fellow Arabs since the uprising began in December 1987. Most of those slain were suspected collaborators, including 15 killed in Rafah.

In the occupied West Bank, Abdel Megid Nasal, 43, escaped Saturday after being stabbed and beaten by captors who suspected him of collaborating with Israel.

Nasal, abducted Friday night from his home in Qualqiliya, was transferred by the army to Meir Hospital in the Israeli town of Kfar Saba, the reporter said.

An army official said he knew nothing of the Nasal case.

Attacks on suspected collaborators have increased over the summer. Since June, 45 Palestinians have been killed by fellow Arabs, compared to 16 Palestinians slain by Israelis.

Also Saturday, a 16-year-old girl in a school uniform stabbed an Israel soldier on foot patrol in the market of the West Bank town of Tulkarem, the army said.