A fear of working with AIDS-infected patients has made it so difficult to fill some specialized jobs at New York City hospitals that one of them is offering Caribbean vacations to any employee who recruits such staffers, a published report said Saturday.

New York Hospital is offering the vacations and a grand prize trip to Europe to any employee who helps find people for hard-to-fill jobs, such as physical and occupational therapists and lab technicians, according to Crain's New York Business."People don't want to enter the lab field because of AIDS," Marvin Tessler, manager of the hospital's lab operations, told the Sept. 24 edition of the weekly.

Other hospitals with similar problems have offered to pay tuition for any student who promises to work there after graduation. Some fund research for specialists and even allow them to use hospital facilities for their private practice, Crain's said.

Crain's said staffing difficulties extend beyond nursing and doctor shortages to include physician assistants, staff therapists, lab technologists, X-ray technicians and pharmacists.