BYU's cross country team dominated the Autumn Classic Saturday morning at the East Bay Golf Course in Provo. The event was non-scoring.

In the men's 8K race seven out of the first eight finishers where from BYU. David Spence, a sophomore from Provo, won the event with a time of 26:23.95. Freshman Brandon Rhoads, also from Provo, finished second with a time of 26:24.68. Carl Hanson, a senior, and yet another BYU cross country athlete from Provo, finished third, with a time of 26:26.19. The only non-BYU athlete to place in the top eight, was Ron Salazar, a freshman, from the University of Colorado.BYU All-American harrier Leanne Whitesides won the women's section, cruising the 5,000-meter distance in 17:55. She was pressed throughout the chase by Cougar senior Nicole Birk (18:03), who placed second, and by redshirt freshman Tonya Todd (18:19), who placed third.