The bride wore white - and a revolver. The band was called SPOC - which is COPS spelled backward. Unsuspecting guests were asked to check their guns at the door - the better to arrest them after the nuptials.

Figuring it's easier to make drug suspects come to you than to round them up, police staged a wedding Friday, complete with undercover bride, groom, pastor and band, and invited a group of suspects.A dozen people were arrested at the scene; by Saturday afternoon, 16 were in custody.

The cue to begin the arrests? The band played the '60s hit "I Fought the Law."

The arrested guests had received invitations to a wedding of a large-scale drug dealer who had been a drug-buying customer of theirs.

But groom "Danny Brown" actually was Lacy Brown, an undercover investigator. The bride, "Debbie Leno," was Flint police Officer Debra Williams. The bride's father, crime boss "Fast Eddie Leno," was Davison Township police Chief Ed Boyce.

At the door of the reception hall in Corunna west of Flint, a sign asked guests to check their guns or leave them outside. Those guests who were really undercover police hid theirs instead.

After the vows, the toasts and the dancing, the band played "I Fought the Law," the cue for Port Huron police Sgt. Phil McCarty to announce that all police officers should stand up. Most of those still seated were arrested.

"No, this is real. You're really under arrest," McCarty said told the stunned suspects.

Shiawassee County Sgt. Vic Wasylyshyn headed the five-month undercover investigation.