The judge who refused to imprison a confessed rapist because he felt the victim was partly to blame had a "good handle" on the woman's mental state, the rapist said Saturday.

The National Organization for Women, meanwhile, denounced state Circuit Judge Kenneth Leffler for his treatment of Mark David McCulloch. Gov. Bob Martinez has demanded that the judge resign.McCulloch, 37, was released Thursday from the Seminole County Jail after Leffler rejected a plea bargain that called for a 41/2-year prison term and instead sentenced him to two years on probation.

The judge said that the victim's "past conduct has demonstrated to me there is something seriously wrong with this woman."

"I was just as shocked at his decision as anybody else," said McCulloch, who had pleaded guilty to sexual battery, false imprisonment and battery. "He tried the divorce case of her and her ex-husband and looked upon her very favorably in the case. I thought he'd be for her."

Leffler cited the woman's divorce, which he handled about two years ago, in handing down the sentence, saying he believed she victimized men who cared for her.

"The judge basically told me he didn't know how anybody could get involved with a woman like this," McCulloch said. "Judge Leffler had a good handle on her . . . ."