The City Council recently voted to hold another property tax hearing after state tax officials accused them of failing to meet legal requirements concerning proper public notice for its original Aug. 9 hearing.

The new hearing will be at 7 pm. on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the West Jordan Council Chambers, 1850 W. 7800 South.Last month, the Property Tax Division of the State Tax Commission accused the city of failing to give proper notice of the tax hearing and asked officials to hold a second hearing or face a long legal battle.

Officials initially balked, but they now seem to have decided to repeat and readvertise its hearing.

The controversy over the legality of the first hearing began when David E. Vanier, assistant director of the Property Tax Division, accused West Jordan of understating the percentage of property tax revenue increase and wrongly calculating the increase by figuring the proposed tax rate against the current certified tax rate. Vanier said the city failed to include the increase in revenue resulting from new construction.

The rate increase, if it had been calculated according to Tax Commission guidelines, would have been 6.9 percent, not 4.5 percent, Vanier said.

City Manager John D. Hiskey said the council was reluctant to go along with the Tax Commission's instructions but finally gave in.

"It's fair to say that there were feelings that, perhaps inappropriately, an elected City Council was being advised as to what level they could establish taxes for their citizens and what communication they could have with their citizens," Hiskey said.

"We felt the additional language on the ad was on an informational basis and was not antagonistic and that it informed the taxpayer. It informed the taxpayer of what was happening," Hiskey added.