A list of topics ranging from taxes to garbage is being compiled for discussion when the mayors of Davis County meet with their state legislators in November.

Members of the Davis Council of Governments (COG), made up of city, county and school district officials, meet annually with area legislators for dinner in November, before the state Legislature convenes in January.The dinner meeting gives the officials a chance to tell lawmakers what issues are important and what they want done on them. The legislators in turn tell them what they believe the chances are of acting on their concerns.

Topping the list is the state's truth in taxation law, which mandates that cities and counties take out newspaper ads and hold public hearings to set property tax rates that increase revenue levels.

If a political entity derives more revenue from property tax from one year to the next, that is considered a tax increase under the law, even if the tax rate is not increased.

That doesn't allow for the cities to take advantage of growth to increase their property tax revenue, city officials say, and they want the law changed from a revenue-driven to rate-driven base.

Syracuse Mayor and COG Chairman DeLore Thurgood is spearheading the effort to change the law and said he believes he's found a legislator, whom he wouldn't name, to sponsor an amendment.

Some other topics the COG members wish to discuss include:

- Changing the school funding formula, with greater participation by the state in facility construction.

- Hazardous waste disposal, especially of used oil, paint thinners, and other common household wastes.

- Making people who file frivolous lawsuits against government agencies responsible for some of the court and legal costs.

- Monthly sales and gasoline tax collection and redistribution by the State Tax Commission back to the cities.

- Putting cities on the same fiscal year base as the state and counties, instead of the county's fiscal year running from Jan. 1. to Dec. 31 and the cities running July 1 to June 30.