The Business and Professional Women's Utah Foundation is being recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and State Tax Commission as a qualified charity, according to Irene Warr, president.

The qualification allows the foundation to receive gifts, grants and contributions with which it serves the needs of women and girls in Utah communities. It was organized in June 1989 as a charitable, non-profit corporation.Warr said the foundation helps women and girls achieve full participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency by making funds available for programs in the secondary schools such as "Life After High School" and "Women Helping Girls With Choices."

Grants and scholarships are available to older women who may find it necessary to be retrained to enter the labor market, or who want to enter graduate business programs so they may further their leadership roles, Warr said.

The foundation is directed by a volunteer community board of trustees who receive no compensation. That means all of the money collected goes to further the foundation's programs.