The Carnegie Corp. of New York has granted $57,250 to the Utah State Office of Education to help push change at the mid-school level.

The grant could be the first of three annual donations to address issues related to junior and middle high schools, said Ann Mayberry of planning and project development.The competitive grants will be used in Utah to coordinate health, social services and education for young adolescents, Mayberry said.

The Carnegie Corp. is sponsoring projects that will achieve its objectives, which include changes in school organization and management, reaching at-risk students, improving teacher certification standards at the mid-school level, enhancing curriculum and providing in-service opportunities for teachers.

Utah's project will concentrate on two areas, Mayberry said - how to advocate for the needs of middle school students and how best to promote effective education for these students.

A task force will be created to study the status of mid-level education in Utah and select issues for study. A statewide network of support systems will be identified to support education practices in the schools, Mayberry said.