Two revealing photographs of streakers on the University of Idaho campus may cause a showdown between the editor of last year's Gem yearbook and members of the student communications board, including the current editor.

And, except for a few not-so-subtle hints, the university administration is keeping out.The issue is who has control over the student-run yearbook. The communications board was to discuss the issue at a Thursday meeting.

Student government leaders and UI officials have been murmuring for several weeks about photographs of UI students running naked last spring near Gault Hall. One photograph shows a group of nude men pummeling a clothed bystander who sprayed them with a bottle of water.

Former Gem editor Jill Beck, now editor of the student newspaper, The Argonaut, said the final decision whether the photos will be used rests with her, and she has told the printers to leave them in the yearbook.

The yearbook printer, a North Carolina company, expressed concern over the pictures and said it needed written authorization to run them.

Hal Goodwin, vice president for student affairs, said Beck should discuss the issue with the communication board. "I don't plan to intervene," he said Wednesday, "But the fact this guy (the printer) is concerned is a significant signal that students should be alarmed."

If Beck acts without consulting the student board, "There's a risk this will create pressures for more administrative control," Goodwin warned.