A 35-year-old man charged with a burglary has also been charged with trespass in connection with an incident in which a prowler entered an apartment and changed a baby's diaper.

James W. Impey is charged with criminal trespass for allegedly entering a 19-year-old woman's apartment on Aug. 30. According to police reports, the woman awoke about 4 a.m. to see a man standing at the foot of her bed. "Your baby's crying," the man said. He then removed the child from its crib and said it looked hungry.When the woman refused to breastfeed the child, the man suggested it might need to be changed. After asking where the diapers were kept, he changed the baby, which was apparently wet, and then returned it to its crib, police reports said.

The man then urged the woman to feed her baby "so it doesn't cry and I won't have to come down and do this," reports said. He then tried to give the woman a hug, which she resisted, and he left. The man apparently entered by removing the bedroom window screen.

Impey became a suspect in the diaper-changing episode after his arrest following the burglary of another apartment 10 days later.

In that case, the residents arrived home to see a man entering their apartment and taking fishing equipment and a camera.