A study group will be formed to examine the consolidation of emergency-service dispatching in Davis County, members of the Davis Council of Governments (COG) agreed this week.

The study is an outgrowth of a growing sentiment among the members of COG, made up of city, county and school district officials, that taxpayers in the county can save money by consolidation of services.Four main dispatch centers currently serve most of the police and fire agencies in the county. The centers are in the Sheriff's Department in Farmington and the Bountiful, Clearfield and Layton police departments.

The South Davis Fire District also has a dispatch center and the Centerville and Kaysville police departments do their own dispatching during the day, turning the work over to the Sheriff's Department at night.

COG members agreed that with the construction of the new Sheriff's Department headquarters in west Farmington, including a new dispatch center with new equipment, now is the time to study a consolidated dispatch operation.

Representatives of the Sheriff's Department and the cities of Layton, Clearfield and Bountiful will be named to the committee. Those four will then pick a fifth member to represent the rest of the county.

Dub Lawrence, county commissioner and former sheriff, said the concept was studied several years ago but at that point it was determined it would be more, not less, expensive to consolidate.

But technology and computerization have improved since then.