President Omar Bongo's government, reacting to allegations of widespread fraud, annulled the vote in 62 of 120 constituencies during the first round of Gabon's first multiparty elections and postponed a second round until October, officials said Friday.

Prime Minister Casimir Oye Mba announced late Thursday that electoral officers had confirmed the election of 58 deputies who won by outright majorities in the first round of the polls held Sunday.But Oye Mba said the first round would be held again Oct. 21 for the 62 other constituencies where the vote was canceled because of fraud and ballot-box rigging. The second round of the elections, the first since Gabon won independence from France, will be held Oct. 28 instead of next Sunday as originally scheduled.

The ruling Gabonese Democratic Party carried 36 of the 58 confirmed seats in the new National Assembly while the opposition National Reform Party garnered 14 seats.