A two-year contract extension will give Manager Doug Rader the time he believes he needs to correct the flaws he sees on the California Angels.

"The duration of my contract was important to me only in the sense that we'll be able to do the things that we need to do on a long-term basis," Rader said Thursday at a news conference. "That would be an appropriate period of time.Rader signed the extension through 1992 after two years working under one-year contracts. Last year, the Angels were one of baseball's biggest surprises, finishing third in the AL West with a 91-71 record after being in contention almost the entire season.

This year has been a different story:

The Angels are 74-75, 21 games behind the first-place Oakland Athletics.

Management feels confident it's retaining the same Doug Rader who led the Angels to the third-best record in the AL in 1989 - not the one who's had to come up with almost as many starting lineups as games played this year due to an inordinate amount of injuries.