Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is recalling about 92,000 cars and 75,000 trucks and utility vehicles that fail to meet federal exhaust pollution standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced that the cars are 1987 Mitsubishi Mirage and Dodge Colt and Plymouth Colt models equipped with 1.5-liter engines.The other vehicles are 1986 and 1987 models equipped with the 2-liter engine - 1986 Dodge and Plymouth Colt Vistas with four-wheel drive and two-wheel-drive Dodge Ram 50 and Mitsubishi trucks, and 1987 Dodge and Plymouth Colt Vistas with four-wheel drive.

The Dodge and Plymouth models concerned are manufactured by Mitsubishi.

The agency said routine testing discovered that the cars emit more than the permitted about of carbon monoxide, and the trucks and utility vehicles emit too much carbon monoxide and unburned fuel.

Owners will be asked to schedule appointments at Mitsubishi or Dodge and Plymouth dealers for modifications - installation of a new valve in the pollution control system of the cars and changes in the fuel systems of the trucks and utility vehicles.