Quarterback Don Majkowski, who missed 45 days in a contract holdout, will make his first start of the season Sunday for the Green Bay Packers when they host the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coach Lindy Infante, to no one's surprise, made the announcement Wednesday. Anthony Dilweg had started the first two games and the Packers beat the Los Angeles Rams and lost to the Chicago Bears.Dilweg was sacked six times and his two fumbles helped the Bears beat the Packers 31-13 last week.

"I want to make one thing clear: This is not in any way, shape or form in reference to how I felt Anthony Dilweg played last week. My main concern in making the decision is that somebody might want to say I'm trying to blame what happened last week on him and that's entirely 180 degrees opposite from the truth," said Infante.

"I thought he played pretty solid, with the exception of dropping the ball on the ground a couple of times."

Majkowski, chosen for the Pro Bowl last season, didn't report until four days before the season opener. He signed a one-year contract with a $1.5 million base salary and incentives.

"Don has recovered considerably the time he'd lost by not being here. I'm confident he's ready to go play now and be our starting quarterback," said Infante.

Dilweg said after Sunday's loss he figured he'd have to keep winning to keep the starter's job.

"I'd be lying to you to tell you I'm not disappointed," Dilweg said Wednesday. "I'd love another shot at Kansas City.

"I had to be realistic about it. I would have liked to have played a lot more and unfortunately it ended a lot earlier than I wanted it to. But you learn from this, that's all I can say.

"They don't pay Don $1.5 million to sit on the bench," Dilweg said. "But at the same time, I think they drafted me thinking that I would play down the line and I'm going to prove them right."

Majkowski said he isn't yet at the point where he left off last year. "I'll keep improving every week but I'm much improved from when I got here," he said. "It's getting easier and easier each week and I feel pretty comfortable right now."

Timing, he said, is not the major area he's working on right now. "It's going through reads downfield and so forth," he said.