When water temperatures begin to drop, fishing begins to improve. And when water levels drop, fishing improves.

With temperatures dropping and lake levels at near record lows, fishing is expected to do nothing but get better and better.The latest fishing report bears that out. Good fishing is available in many areas.

Fish, especially the larger fish, are uncomfortable in warmer waters. Therefore, during the summer they tend to stay deeper where it's cooler. As waters begin to cool in the fall, the fish start moving into shallower areas where food is more plentiful.

As water levels drop, the fish are more concentrated. They are also more aggressive because there are fewer food sources.

According to Glenn Davis, fisheries program coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Utahns really haven't seen fall conditions yet, "but they will, and as the weather cools fishing will improve.

"I don't think it will help places like Scofield because there aren't many fish left. But, I think it will improve fishing at places like Rockport and Deer Creek."

Mickey Anderson of Angler's Inn, suggested that fishermen look for inlets to the major reservoirs.

"At this time of year, with the lower water levels and the unusually warm temperatures, waters are warmer than they might normally be. Fish find cool water in deep areas and at inlets. Best time to fish the inlets is in the afternoons, after the sun has gone down a little," he said.

One concern is that as the fishing improves, especially with the lower water levels and the accessibility fishermen have to the fish, too many fish will go home, some to be wasted. Fishermen are being urged to practice catch-and-release if they're uncertain of their use.

Looking at some of the better fishing spots, consensus is that Rockport is coming on. Bait fishermen using power baits and salmon eggs have been pulling in some nice rainbow. Fly fishing there has also been good using peacock and brown "Wolly Worms," and "Double Renegades." Mepp spinners are also working well.

"That's another thing that's good about fishing at this time of year, a lot of things work," added Anderson.

Fishing at Lost Creek has also been good for rainbow and some cutthroat. The road to Lost Creek has been under repair and is now passible.

Pineview has been good for crappie and bass. Best fishing is in the early mornings, before the boaters make it onto the water. Pineview is one of the few reservoirs with good ramp access for boats.

Catfish fishing has been good along Lincoln Beach at Utah Lake. Fishermen have been using shrimp and chicken liver.

Most of Utah's northern rivers are offering good fishing opportunities. Flow in most of the northern streams and rivers is better than in some of the southern areas.

In some places the water level is so low that fishermen are having to sneak up to banks and crouch low so as not to be seen by the fish.

The lower Provo has been running high and cloudy. Fishermen have been doing well with nymphs in the afternoons, and switching to dry flies the last hour of daylight.

Fishing for kokanee salmon has been good at Flaming Gorge. Many consider it the best year yet for the salmon. Some fish are being caught trolling and some jigging with "Buzz Bombs," and larger Kastmasters. Because the fish are deep, about 60 feet down, heavier spoons and lures are necessary.