The city's streets and sidewalks will be uniform in the future thanks to a recent ordinance approved by the City Council.

Street paving will be constructed to specific grades, construction will be standardized and sidewalks will be built to minimum widths and depths.The ordinance calls for classifications of all streets as major, collector or minor. Most streets will be classed as major. Collector and minor streets will be designated by the City Council after considering recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Commission and the streets superintendent.

Major streets will have 99 feet of right-of-way, collector streets 66 feet and minor streets 50 feet. Right-of-way footage will be determined from private property line to property line. All streets with paved surfaces will have widths of 28 feet.

The ordinance specifies a four-foot minimum width for sidewalks with four inches in depth. A six-bag concrete mix, a four-inch gravel base and a quarter-inch per foot slope will be required.