Undergraduate students will have to pay from $35 to $113 more to attend one of the state's nine colleges and universities during the 1991-92 school year.

In figures released by the state office of higher education Wednesday, the increases range from a low of $35 at Dixie College to a high of $113 at the University of Utah.The increases are tied to a differentiated tuition policy that the State Board of Regents adopted at its July meeting. The new policy limits tuition increases to the annual rate of inflation plus or minus 1 percent.

The tuition increases will include a 6 percent increase at the four-year institutions, a 4 percent increase at Snow College, College of Eastern Utah and Utah Valley Community College, and a 3 percent increase at Salt Lake Community College and Dixie College.

The smaller percentage hike at SLCC and Dixie is a temporary adjustment. It reflects an effort to close a tuition gap that exists between those two schools and the other community colleges.

The tuition increases are contained in the budget requests of the colleges and universities, which the regents will refine at their October meeting. The nine schools have asked the regents to seek a $61 million increase in state funds.

Associate Higher Education Commissioner C. Gail Norris said the 1991-92 tuition increase would bring in an additional $4.5 million. Of the proposed $463.6 million higher-education budget, a total of $91.9 million would come from tuition.

Higher-education spokeswoman Vicki Varela said it's doubtful the tuition increases will be altered in the regent budget deliberations next month. The one thing that could change the picture would be the passage of an initiative to remove sales tax from food, she said. If that happens, the regents will have to find ways to raise more revenue. A provision in the new tuition policy allows the regents to disregard it during financial emergencies.


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Tuition at Utah institutions* University of Utah $1,997

Utah State University $1,695

Weber State University $1,482

Southern Utah State University $1,431

Snow College $1,045

Dixie College $1,191

College of Eastern Utah $1,045

Utah Valley Community College $1,242

Salt Lake Community College $1,276