A female impersonator enrolled at a high school, made the cheerleading squad and stole the affections of the football team before being found out eight days later, students and authorities said.

Charles James Daugherty, 26, was arrested for investigation of forgery and criminal impersonation. He was released on $750 bail for a court appearance Oct. 1.Daugherty enrolled as a junior at Coronado High School, using the name Cheyen Weatherly, school officials said. He said he had been studying in Greece under a private tutor for the past two years, said Detective Bob Driscoll.

Daugherty became a cheerleader without a formal tryout and performed in uniform at a pep rally, teachers and students said. He changed clothes in the women's locker room and became close friends with at least two cheerleaders.

"I heard there were a couple of girls who befriended him and told him a lot of personal things - you know how girls talk to one another," said one teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "He asked a lot of personal stuff."

He also attracted the admiration of the football team, said a student who asked that her name not be used.

Police said Daugherty presented school officials with a computerized list of courses he had completed and grades to match - all A's and B's.