Juab County commissioners signed over the deed for the Mona Town Hall Monday, transferring the building from the county to the city.

County commissioners said the building will now belong to Mona City rather than to Juab County. The Juab County attorney had prepared the deed at the request of the commission.Roads Mona wanted help in paving have been finished as well, reported Randy Freston, county engineer. Road work was completed the first of September.

Both actions were in response to claims made earlier by Mona Town Board and Mona Mayor Greg Newton that the county had not complied with promises made to the city.

Newton had charged the county commission with treating Mona like a "stepchild."

The roadwork was on schedule, said Randy Freston, Juab County engineer. County road crews have a tight schedule throughout the summer, he said.

Mona officials originally became upset because the county fire standby contract with Mona was cut from $1,500 to $1,250. County Attorney Don Eyre Jr. said the cut was made to equalize the county's contracts with Eureka, Levan and Mona.

During an August meeting, Newton cited several complaints against the county. He said Juab County had helped Eureka purchase a fire engine but had not kept promises to Mona.

He also said that when the city attempted to purchase fire insurance on the Town Hall, they were unable to do so because the building was owned by the county. However, the county was not paying insurance because county officials said they were going to give the Town Hall to the city. County officials said the matter was an oversight and the deed had been prepared but not sent.

During the August meeting, Newton complained that Mona had purchased all its own fire equipment. Newton said the county had given Mona a dump truck that took $800 in repairs to make it operable.

He said the county bought a new fire truck for Nephi with the agreement the old one be donated to Eureka. The county also bought a fire truck for Levan, he said.

In May the county pledged help to Mona in paving some Mona streets. By August the roadwork had still not been done.

Newton said he is glad the work is now done and is happy with the quality.

County officials also said they felt partially responsible for Eureka's fire truck because the old truck was burned up while fighting a brush fire on county land. And, said Commission Chairman Joseph Bernini, the county paid only half the cost.

Meanwhile, county commissioners said they wish community leaders would come to the commission when they had requests.

"I invite them to come in," said Commissioner Richard Brough. "The Eureka people came in and asked for help."

"Communities need to come in to the commission and make their needs known," said Randy Freston, county engineer.