Town Board members have decided to increase funds for two departments and to retain an independent auditor.

This year's firefighting fund has been increased from $1,250 to $1,500, and the Street Department budget has been increased from $17,200 to $21,581.The fire budget was increased to include the anticipated amount the city is paid for each fire it fights for Juab County. The original $1,250 is the amount each city is paid by the county as a fire standby fee, explained Roger Waterfall, city clerk.

When the budget was formed in June, the final balance in the streets category was not available. Those figures are now in.

The total budget for the year was set at $459,861.50.

Board members also voted to have the annual audit for Levan Town prepared by Peterson-Ogden and Associates, Spanish Fork.

The certified public accountants will perform the service for $3,000. The 1989 audit report will be presented in November or December.

According to contract agreement, the company will not exceed the $3,000 amount and monthly billings are not to exceed 80 percent of the final cost.