Fliers posted at the Internal Revenue Service Center here heralding a weekend meeting with U.S. Rep. James Hansen were counterfeits, a Hansen aide says.

The document stated that Hansen, R-Utah, would appear at the Union Station to discuss federal spending cuts - and possible employee furloughs. The fliers urged IRS workers to speak their minds.However, Hansen had no such event on his schedule. Further, no such events were planned for Union Station on that day, said Hansen's campaign manager Peter Jenks.

Teddy Griffith, Union Station director, said only a wedding and a dance were scheduled for the station last Saturday.

"I haven't heard that anyone showed up" for the meeting, she said. But late Friday afternoon, the station received telephone calls asking about it, Griffith said.

Hansen's Ogden office also fielded inquiries about the meeting.

Jenks said this isn't the first time Hansen's campaign headquarters has received calls asking about participation in an event the congressman had no knowledge of.

"This kind of information is disturbing and is not unprecedented in the congressman's campaign against Kenley Brunsdale," Jenks said.

However, Brunsdale campaign manager Tom Melling denied he or the Democrat's staff had anything to do with the prank.

"I don't have any knowledge of it. We didn't set it up and we don't know anything about it," Melling said.

But Melling said maybe Hansen should have met with IRS workers anyway.

"If Hansen was in town and really felt that federal employees shouldn't be the sacrificial lambs, then why couldn't he meet with them? That's what Kenley would have done," Melling said.

Hansen flew into Salt Lake City late Friday and had a full schedule of events scheduled for Saturday, said Hansen spokesman Howard Rigtrup.