Here are some general laws and rules hunters should be aware of:

License - No one can hunt big game without first having a current valid big game or combination license. It is also unlawful for any person to use or have in their possession while hunting, any license, permit or tag not issued to them. All licenses, permits and tags must be carried while hunting.Canyon Permit - No one can hunt big game in canyons along the Wasatch Front in eastern Salt Lake County without first having a Salt Lake Canyon Big Game Hunting Permit. The permit is nontransferable and must be carried while hunting. Permits are free from DWR offices.

Hours - Hunting is allowed during daylight hours - one-half hour before official sunrise to one-half hour after official sunset.

Loaded Firearm - It is unlawful to carry a loaded firearm: 1. in or on a vehicle; 2. on any public street; 3. in a posted prohibited area. A rifle, shotgun or handgun is considered loaded when there is an unexpended cartridge, shell or projectile in firing position.

Vehicle/Highway - It is against the law to discharge any firearm from an automobile or other vehicle, or from, upon or across any highway.

Hunter Orange - Hunters are required to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange fluorescent material on the head, chest and back. Hunter orange clothing is not required during the archery, muzzleloader or bighorn sheep hunts.

Tagging - All animals must be tagged immediately after kill and before being moved. Tags must be completely detached from the permit or license, and the proper notches made.

Evidence of Sex - The evidence of sex - head or sex organs - must be attached to the carcass. The head and antlers must be transported with the carcass of an elk or deer taken on an elk or deer unit with antler point restrictions.

Transporting - Big game animals legally taken may be transported by the permit holder ONLY.