A wildlife series and a public service announcement put Utah in the awards column in recently held international competition.

At the Association for Conservation Information conference in San Antonio, Texas, which involved agencies from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources won third place honors for its series of wildlife species cards and for a 30-second public service announcement.The series of 16 full-color cards was put together by Daphne Sewing and Brenda Schussman, Project WILD coordinators, with support from the Utah Outdoor Resources Foundation and the Intermountain GMC Truck Dealers.

The foundation, under the direction of Jerry Little, president, worked closely with the GMC Truck Dealers in generating funding needed for the project. The 16 cards depict animals found in Utah and include a detailed description of habitat, habits and range.

The PSA announcement also placed third in its class. The spot, entitled "Discover Utah Wildlife," aired on many Utah radio stations last winter and spring. The announcement was produced and directed by DWR information specialist Steve Phillips through Gillham Advertising.