The North Utah County Business Park is about to get a face lift, and business owners hope people will take notice.

Lynn Woodbury, vice president of development for the Woodbury Corp. in Salt Lake City, said his company, which is a partial owner of the park, is planning to spend approximately $250,000 to landscape the area and install some signs."We believe that it will enhance the surroundings of the park," Woodbury said. It will also set a standard of quality for the development of the area.

According to Woodbury, some organizations have expressed interest in investing in the area but were concerned with its appearance.

"We want this park to be up to par with the best business parks in the state," he said. "This will demonstrate to the potential users that we believe in quality."

Woodbury Corp. plans to plant grass, trees and shrubs up to the edge of the freeway on the American Fork 5th East exit on I-15.

There are also plans to install a sign with the name of the park, to be surrounded by a pool and waterfall-like fountain.

This will help marketing and enhance the value of the property, Woodbury said. "Potential buyers will get a better feel for the level of quality in the property."

Organizations have expressed interest in locating in an area that is nice-looking, he said. "And we want them to believe that this is one of those nice areas."

Woodbury also said the corporation is currently negotiating with several potential buyers and will be finalizing some of those negotiations "very soon."

According to Woodbury, the biggest problem is that no one wants to be the first one in the park.

If someone will just commit, he said, that would make it easier for other companies to follow suit.

These people represent both in-state and out-of-state companies, Woodbury said. "We want to attract as many as possible," so the area will grow economically.

Other property owners near the developing business park have expressed interest in participating in the landscaping plans to enhance the entire area.