Thanks to a favorable rating by the insurance industry's inspection and rating service, residents in north Tooele County may now save money on fire insurance premiums.

Inspectors in May issued a general fire rating of 5 to most north county residents. It will affect the communities of Pine Canyon, Erda, Stansbury Park and Lakepoint beginning Nov. 1.In rating the communities, inspectors determine the quality of fire department management, fire hydrants, fire engines, trained firefighters, safety equipment, testing, training, record keeping, firefighting performance, alarm notification systems and more. Communities with full-time paid departments often receive ratings of 4 or 5.

Homes in north Tooele County were previously rated at 10, except Stansbury Park, which was rated at 7. North Tooele County Fire Department officials said homes previously rated at 10 could save over $200 each year on fire insurance premiums. Savings will vary with the type of home, insurance company and whether a specific insurance company subscribes to the rating service ratings.

With the formation of a fire district, completion of more than 4,000 man-hours of training and acquisition of nearly $400,000 worth of new engines and equipment through taxes and grants, the county has been planning and preparing for the inspection.