Do you want a career in a high-tech field that promises good pay and plenty of jobs? Salt Lake Community College says it has a new program for you.

When school begins next week, SLCC will offer a new two-year program in non-destructive testing, a form of inspection used in the aerospace, construction, nuclear and oil industries to check the structural integrity of materials. The testing methods include radiographic, eddy current, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing.Non-destructive testing with radiography is used, for example, to inspect the space shuttle O-rings.

Douglas R. Johnston, vice president of services, Met-Chem Testing Laboratories, a company that uses non-destructive testing, said there is an increasing demand for non-destructive testing but not enough trained technicians to fill available jobs.

In Utah, 55 companies ranging from Hill Air Force Base, Thiokol and Hercules to Amoco, Mountain Fuel Supply and Northwest Pipeline use non-destructive testing technicians.

The SLCC program will be the state's first training program. Until now, companies have either had to train the technicians themselves or hire them from out of state.

There are approximately eight schools in the nation which train nondestructive testing technicians, and they have nearly 100 percent placement of their students.

The Hutchinson Technical College, Hutchinson, Minn., places all of its 100 students. Johnston said the SLCC program is patterned after the Hutchinson program.

He estimated that a technician, after a two-year program, can earn about $10 to $12 an hour.

The SLCC instructor is Robert Simpkin, who graduated from the Hutchinson school and the Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, Okla.

For information, call Simpkin at 967-4201.