An Afghan resistance leader said Saturday that guerrilla attacks in Afghanistan are delaying the Red Army's withdrawal, and he urged the rebels to hold off on the raids and let the Soviets leave.

Radio Kabul reported that rocket attacks killed at least five people in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad. It blamed the attacks on Moslem guerrillas.The Saturday report, monitored in Pakistan, said 34 rockets blasted the city about 75 miles east of Kabul, Afghanistan's capital. It said 11 people were injured.

"If the Soviets are really withdrawing and not bringing problems and harm to the areas they are withdrawing from . . . they should let them go," resistance leader Burhanuddin Rabbani told The Associated Press. "I believe the Soviets should go sooner, and we should not stop them."

Under terms of a U.N.-mediated accord signed April 14, the Soviets began withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan in May and are to have them all out by February. The Red Army entered Afghanistan in 1979 to support the government in its war with anti-Marxist guerrillas.