Salt Lake attorney Jerry Fenn has been named chairman of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. American Fork attorney Heber Grant Ivins has been selected vice chairman.

Fenn, who earned a bachelor's degree, a master's of business administration degree and a law degree at Brigham Young University, helped draft legislation to reform the state's liquor laws that were approved earlier this year.Fenn was appointed to a one-year commission term by Gov. Norm Bangerter in 1986. He was reappointed by the governor in 1987 to a four-year term.

Ivins has served on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission since 1981, when he was appointed to a two-year term by then-Gov. Scott Matheson. He has since been reappointed to four-term terms by both Matheson and Bangerter.

Ivins also graduated from Brigham Young University but earned his law degree at the University of Utah. He has practiced law since 1949 and had a law office in American Fork since 1950.