The final recommendations are in for the new high school boundary changes. And, as predicted, not everyone is happy.

Take Farmington residents, for example. Since Davis High School was built in 1918, Farmington teens have been Darts.Naturally, the Farmington people weren't too excited about having their community split by a high school boundary. But under newly proposed boundary changes, Farmington children living south of Burke Lane would be bused to Viewmont High School.

But if you think Farmington residents are angry, consider the wrath of West Bountiful residents, who have been Viewmont loyalists ever since that school was built. Now, the whole West Bountiful community, much of which is within walking distance of Viewmont, is slated to be bused across Brave territory to Bountiful High.

Those are two of the major boundary changes proposed by Davis School District consultant John Reed Call, who delivered his final recommendations to the Davis School Board on Tuesday night. Call, former Granite School District superintendent, has been assisting the Davis district for more than a year in its efforts to accommodate rapid growth in student population.

Superintendent Rich Kendell said the district had 43,000 students in 1983, 53,000 in 1989 and is expected to top 55,000 this year. "That is dramatic growth . . . and we expect that growth to continue." The high school population is expected to top 14,000 by 1996 - 4,000 more than the capacity of the district's six high schools.

To deal with crowding at Layton and Clearfield high schools, the district is building a new high school in Layton. The new boundary changes in the south end of the county are designed to relieve crowding at Davis and Viewmont high schools.

Under Call's plan, about 450 Davis students would be shifted to Viewmont; about 570 Viewmont Vikings would be shifted to the underutilized Bountiful High; and about 150 Bountiful High students would be transferred to Woods Cross.

In addition to the changes affecting Farmington and West Bountiful, Call's proposal would send Viewmont students living in central-eastern Bountiful to Bountiful High. And an area bordered roughly by Mill Creek and 2200 South and Highway 106 and Orchard Drive would be transferred from Bountiful High territory to Woods Cross High.

About 400 people attended a hearing Tuesday night at Woods Cross High School to cheer and jeer various speeches regarding the changes.

Most were West Bountiful residents, who are upset that their children have to be bused to Bountiful High when they can walk to Viewmont. Some were also concerned about the increased cost of busing.

One alternative Call presented earlier this summer would bus south Farmington students to Bountiful High so that West Bountiful children could remain at Viewmont. But Call later went back to his original plan after determining that the alternative not only would disassociate the south Farmington community from its northern neighbors but also would isolate them from their Centerville neighbors on the south.

Kendell said he favors Call's original proposal and asked the board to ratify it. The board voted to study the issue for two weeks, taking into consideration several new concerns raised by the public at Tuesday's meeting.