The total annual impact on state revenues if the tax limitation initiatives are approved in November will be a 13 percent cut, according to Taxpayers for Utah, the group opposed to the initiatives.Tax protesters have repeatedly said the tax initiatives would result in only a 6 percent cutback. Taxpayers for Utah wants Utahns to know the full, year-long impact is 13 percent.

Gov. Norm Bangerter's announced intent to seek a 6 percent spending reduction by state departments, if the tax initiatives are approved, covers only a six-month period, says the group, which doesn't want the public to confuse the governor's comment about the six-month impact with the full amount.

This 13 percent cut, on top of other recent cuts for many departments, will require substantial reductions in vital services provided by the state, the group said. The initiatives will also impact the services provided by counties, municipalities and other service districts.

The magnitude of these cuts will become apparent as the state budget and budgets for counties, cities and other entities are prepared.