The executive director of the Utah Symphony wants Salt Lake County to reimburse a symphony musician the $180 it cost to repair her oboe, which apparently cracked because of drafts blowing through Symphony Hall.

Symphony Executive Director Paul R. Chummers blamed a drafty Symphony Hall for what he called "an extensive crack" that developed last February in the instrument of oboist Holly Gornick.In a letter to Sam Driggs, director of the county's Salt Palace and Fine Arts Division, which operates the county-owned Symphony Hall, Chummers said an oboe will sometimes crack "when the interior of the oboe is warm and the exterior is subjected to cold drafts."

A copy of an invoice attached to the letter showed a music service in Billings, Mont., charged Gornick $180 to repair the cracked instrument.

Chummers asked Driggs to investigate whether the county's insurance could reimburse Gornick for the repair costs. The county is self-insured, however, and county commissioners must approve the payment of any claim. So Driggs forwarded the letter to the county commission, which has referred the request to the county attorney's office for a recommendation.