A Virginia man and woman have been sentenced to 120-day terms in the Washington County Jail for crimes committed in Utah during what Judge J. Philip Eves described as "a cross-country criminal lark."

In addition to the jail time, Ronald Allen Feathers, 18, of Winchester, Va., and Angie Smith, 20, of Strausburg, Va., were placed on 18 months probation and ordered to pay $471.15 in restitution.The pair allegedly stole a car from a Chevrolet dealership in Front Royal, Va., abandoned it later, stole another car in Ponchatoole, La., and drove it through Utah, according to a Washington County sheriff's report.

The report said the couple then drove to Wichita, Kan., where they allegedly stole a briefcase from a pickup truck that contained credit cards and used the cards to purchase gas and oil.

Smith and Feathers also allegedly obtained a MasterCard from a mailbox and used it to purchase other merchandise and jewelry, then stole a small travel trailer in Colorado and headed to Utah.

They were apprehended by police in Hurricane after an officer noticed a trailer that had no tail lights. According to the report, the officer let the couple drive away with a warning and then checked the license plate and learned the vehicle had been stolen.

Deputies, meantime, had located the stolen Ford at the Harrisburg junction, nine miles north of St. George.