Utah taxpayers will pick up most of the $33,000 cost of holding the Democratic and Republican party state conventions this June, but not all of it.

Utah law says the state will pay certain costs of state political conventions, on the theory that they are an important part of the democratic process.Lt. Gov. Val Oveson has reviewed the parties' billing for the two main party conventions and disallowed about $6,000 for each party.

Both parties held their state conventions in Cottonwood High School, deciding it was cheaper than renting the Salt Palace as is traditional in presidential election years.

Oveson said walkie-talkie rentals weren't an allowable expense under state law, neither was the cost of setting up candidate booths or buying balloons.

The Democratic Party billed the state for $14,132.06. Oveson approved payment of $8,464.34.

The Republicans billed the state for $18,852.47. Oveson approved $12,994.58.

Neither the Libertarian Party nor the American Party asked the state for reimbursement of their state convention costs.