One of the Utah Senate's most colorful orators - and some say innovative thinkers - will not be making speeches on the Senate floor in 1991.

Sen. Lorin Pace, R-Salt Lake, was defeated in Tuesday night's Republican primary by Delpha Baird - a candidate who came within a whisker of defeating Pace four years ago. This time, Baird won the race with 54 percent of the votes cast."The people in this district feel that Lorin Pace does not represent their beliefs and attitudes," Baird said. "They believed I can better listen to them and I am willing to talk to them and call them back to get their input on the issues. That's been missing in the past."

That, Baird said, made the difference in the election.

Pace, a one-time speaker of the House first elected to the Legislature in 1964, refused to comment on his election loss. In addition to his political battles, Pace has also had his battles with the Internal Revenue Service and the Utah State Bar.

Baird, who now faces Democrat John Dwan for the Senate District 9 seat, promises to focus her campaign on education issues, including reducing classroom sizes and improving school supplies. And, she said, "I think we're ready for another woman in the Senate."

In Senate District 22, former Deputy Davis County Attorney Don Sperry Redd had hoped to win a seat in the Utah Senate. But to do so he had to beat Sen. Haven Barlow, R-Layton - who has held that seat for 30 years - in Tuesday's primary.

But seniority won out again - as it has for years - as Barlow tallied 61 percent of the votes.

It's now likely Barlow will retain his Senate seat. No Democrat filed, and only Libertarian Glen Hunt will be on the ballot opposing Barlow.

Redd blamed much of his defeat on the Utah Education Association, which he says "clearly has the capacity to turn out their people in large numbers. I got whupped." Redd has openly opposed the UEA and its political tactics.

In an open race in a district that covers Tooele County and portions of west Salt Lake County and northwest Utah County, two Republicans battled it out for the right to bid for the seat of Democrat Karl Swan, D-Tooele, who retired to run for the Tooele County Commission.

When the dust had cleared, Tracy Wilson, a Lehi native active in Republican politics, had claimed victory. But it will be an uphill battle, considering much of Senate District 13 lies in heavily Democratic Tooele County.

Wilson will now face Libertarian Jerry H. Stocks, Democrat E.G. Mantes Jr. and Independent William C. Swank in the general election.


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Hot November legislative races

SENATE DISTRICT 9 (east Salt Lake County) - Democrat John Dwan, well-known through his public relations job at University Hospital, takes on community activist Delpha Baird in a district that hasn't gone Democratic in many years.

HOUSE DISTRICT 4 - Republican Fred Hunsaker takes on Rep. Frank Prante, D-Logan, who is the first Democratic legislator from Cache County in decades.

HOUSE DISTRICT 32 - In what has been dubbed the War of the Roses, incumbent Rep. Janet Rose, D-Salt Lake, faces a challenge from D. Wayne Rose (no relation) in an already-bitter campaign involving the controversial issue of providing contraceptives to minors.

HOUSE DISTRICT 46 - Republican Bruce Wasden, principal of Fox Hills Elementary School, will try to unseat now-prominent Rep. Kelly Atkinson, D-West Jordan, in a district Republicans have long coveted.

HOUSE DISTRICT 51 - Rep. Hugh Rush, elected as a Democrat, switched to the Republican side during the middle of the last legislative session and now must fight for re-election as a Republican against Democrat Neal B. Hendrickson and Independent Jerry Dixon.

HOUSE DISTRICT 74 - House Majority Whip David Adams, R-Monticello, faces stiff competition from an organized campaign to register Navajos to vote - Navajos who vote almost 100 percent Democrat. He is being challenged by noted environmentalist Ken Sleight.


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Utah Senate

District 9

Salt Lake County

62 of 62 voting districts

Delpha A. Baird 2,615

Lorin N. Pace (R-inc.) 2,202

District 13

Tooele, Salt Lake, Utah counties

61 of 61 voting districts

Tracy R. Wilson 2,375

DeRay Sparks 1,873

District 15

Utah County

35 of 35 voting districts

Will Christensen 57

Shawn W. Hurst 28

District 22

Davis County

58 of 58 voting districts

Haven J. Barlow (R-inc) 5,954

Don Sperry Redd 3,780

Utah House of Representatives

District 8

Weber County

22 of 22 voting districts

Zane B. Froerer 834

Vern L. Hawkins 809

District 16

Davis County

21 of 21 voting districts

Kevin S. Garn 1,741

Robert (Bob) Stevenson 1,338

District 17

Davis County

23 of 23 voting districts

Walt Bain (R-inc.) 2,690

Clyde F. Marx 2,347

District 18

Davis County

23 of 23 voting districts

Stanley M. Smedley (R-inc.) 1,922

Clayne Arthur 1,224

District 20

Davis County

23 of 23 voting districts

Herbert N. Henderson 22

Stuart M. Maughan 14

District 27

Salt Lake County

28 of 28 voting districts

Kimball Young 1,390

Lynn F. Price 1,179

District 33

Salt Lake County

26 of 26 voting districts

Phil H. Uipi 1,571

Robert F. Babcock 1,281

District 37

Salt Lake County

25 of 25 voting districts

Michael B. Fletcher 56

Norman R. Chesler 37

District 39

Salt Lake County

20 of 20 voting districts

Irby Arrington 983

Conrad Maxfield (R-inc.) 684

District 49

Salt Lake County

18 of 18 voting districts

Clay I. Petersen Jr. 470

Richard H. McAffee 283

District 58

Utah County

14 of 14 voting districts

Alan K. Hunter 14

Robert A. Schoen 10

District 60

Utah County

13 of 13 voting districts

Norman L. Nielsen 1,506

Pat Nix (R-inc.) 888

District 64

Utah County

11 of 11 voting districts

Vincent R. Newmeyer 22

Wilma L. Ray 21

District 65

Utah County

12 of 12 voting districts

Kelvin Smith 20

Logan M. Wright 18

District 66

Utah County

15 of 15 voting districts

Florence G. Bale 31

Craig L. Williams 18

District 67

Utah County

18 of 18 voting districts

O. Dean Pendleton 55

Sherwin Massey 51

District 71

Sevier and Emery counties

28 of 28 voting districts

Brad Johnson 1,799

John Hales 1,673

District 75

Washington County

31 of 31 voting districts

Robert A. Slack (R-inc.) 2,442

Cleo R. Atkin 2,398