Some Mecham supporters just shook their heads in disbelief, others cried, and one victorious opponent said she was "heartsick." But through it all Evan Mecham sat stone-faced as his governorship was taken from him.

"It should have been close. I don't know what happened," said Millie Pratt, who had joined a knot of formerly festive supporters before Monday night's Senate vote singing and chanting outside the Capitol."I feel betrayed by our Legislature. I had more faith in them."

A few supporters cried outside the Senate chambers as the voting was heard on portable televisions and radios. Some booed and vowed to oust those voting against Mecham next November. Others just shook their heads in disbelief.

Inside, Mecham sat at the defense table between lawyers and showed virtually no emotion as the vote removing him from office was tallied, 21-9 on the charge of obstructing justice, 26-4 on the charge of misusing funds.

Mecham wasn't required to attend the vote, and his attorney, Jerris Leonard, said earlier he had advised him to stay away. The governor listened as senators explained their votes, some castigating the first-term Republican as a liar and accusing him of misusing power.

As Mecham sat at the defense table, Leonard said he gave him "the impression that he was almost resigned to the fact that he knew it was coming."

Mecham became the first U.S. governor to be impeached and removed from office in nearly six decades.