The Salt Lake County Planning Commission has approved an amendment to the county zoning ordinance permitting the sales of services from so-called mobile stores.

Under the current ordinance, vendors may sell goods from a mobile store, but there is no provision for the sale of services. The amendment, for example, would allow mobile auto emissions testing facilities to legally operate on approved sites in the unincorporated county.The proposed amendment would allow mobile stores as a conditional use in all commercial zones. Vendors would be allowed to operate on a county-approved site for no more than 120 days per calendar year, and would be prohibited for one year from relocating within 250 feet of a previous location.

The ordinance now allows mobile vendors to remain at an approved site under a renewable six-month permit.

The proposal would limit mobile stores to improved sites that include a main building and limit vendor displays to 100 square feet.

Special provision would be made for so-called resource recycling collection points - locations where aluminum cans, newspapers and other items that can be recycled - are collected. Those operations would be allowed as conditional uses in most commercial zones under a renewable one-year permit.

The amendment has been sent to the County Commission for final approval.