Sheriff's detectives are investigating a weekend robbery in which two men forced their way into a Salt Lake County man's apartment and stole about $1,000 in property at knifepoint.

The victim, 30, had just returned to his apartment about 4 a.m. Saturday when he heard a knock at the front door. A young man asked for some change. Moments later the young man and a companion knocked on the door again and forced their way through the door. One of the bandits pointed a gun at the victim.After noticing the gun was plastic, the victim knocked it out of the bandit's hand. The other bandit then pulled a knife and held it to the victim's throat, saying, "We don't want to murder anybody. We just want to rob you. Sit down," according to a sheriff's office report.

The bandits then ransacked the apartment, cut the phone lines and stole some electronic equipment, walkie-talkies, a watch and several men's magazines, the report said.