For the first time in the Soviet bloc, a 1956 speech in which Nikita Khrushchev denounced Josef Stalin's brutal policies has been made public in a Communist party newspaper.

The speech Khrushchev delivered three years after the death of Stalin, his predecessor, marked the formal break with Stalinism in the Soviet Union. It was leaked to Western reporters in 1956.The 400,000-circulation party weekly, Polityka, devoted four full pages to the speech in its July 30 edition, which went on sale Wednesday. The paper also carried a half-page commentary by two of its journalists.

Khrushchev's speech, delivered at a closed meeting at the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party on Feb. 25, 1956, condemned Stalin's "cult of personality."

The speech blamed Stalin, who came to power in 1941, for executions and deportations of people after show trials.