While Bountiful City Council twice rejected weatherman Mark Eubank's plan to change the name of his street Wednesday night, Eubank got the last word on the 10 o'clock news.

During the council meeting, Eubank again asked the council to change the name of the street he and fellow KUTV weatherman Barry Nielsen live on from 1375 East to Thunder Mountain Road. He had made a similar request two weeks ago, but because there weren't enough council members in attendance, it didn't pass.With all of the members there Wednesday, Councilman Keith Barton made a motion to make the change, but it failed for lack of a second. Council members said it would set a precedent, and soon everyone could be requesting street name changes.

Nielsen and Eubank returned to the meeting with some letters. They hoped to prove Nielsen was the subdivider of the street nine years ago and had the right to name the street. Because the necessary paper work wasn't filed then, Nielsen didn't have that right, City Engineer Jack Balling said.

The city council also learned that the name "Snowy Lane" had been rejected by an earlier council.

During a speech in front of the council, Eubank said that Bountiful is nice name for a city and it would be shame if it was named something like "City No. 7."

Barton made another motion, and again no one voiced a second.

During his evening weather report, Eubank got his revenge. On his weather chart noting temperatures he had replaced Bountiful with "City No. 7." In a reference to the Indian legend of Thunder Moon he also said "or maybe it should be called `Thunder Mountain Moon.' "